We appreciate your interest in volunteering at Families First Community Center!

FFCC offers a Volunteers in Family Service Program (VIFS). We seek empathetic, positive, and sensitive volunteers who would like to support parents as they embark on a path to improve their lives and those of their children in becoming self-sufficient.

VIFS will support, encourage and assist families to fulfill the life plan developed by the parents with the support of their case manager. The role of the VIFS is to provide positive communication and support. The needs of each family will be unique, so thoughtful planning will be involved with finding the right match.

For the safety of all, VIFS volunteers are subject to signing a confidentiality agreement and a possible background check. Please see the form below.
If you want more information, please contact:
Annie Sargent

Volunteer in Family Services Form (VIFS)


As an affiliate of FFCC, in my capacity as a VIFS, I understand the importance of keeping any and all information in regard to those who use our services, strictly confidential.
Revealing/sharing information can literally endanger lives!

Ethical behavior: It is important that all volunteers are aware of the emotional vulnerability of our residents. Please be as helpful as you can to the residents but also be aware that it is easy to cross the boundaries between appropriate/inappropriate behavior. With this in mind, we ask ALL volunteers to refrain from encouraging/participating in any romantic relationships with any resident!

One of the main goals of FFCC is to encourage and help residents to gain independence, self-esteem, permanent housing, and employment. We ask that volunteers honor our commitment and avoid those activities that interfere with that commitment. Protecting our resident’s confidentiality is VERY IMPORTANT.