Residential Programs

FFCC will either provide the following services directly or refer elsewhere as needed: FFCC will help families in our program get set up with services they need.

What We Do:

FFCC makes it a priority to not only support our residents during their stay, but to offer ongoing support as needed after they leave the program through a series of scheduled meetings or conversations.

FFCC Follow-up will serve to help us improve our programming, and improve the lives and success of our residents.

Families First Community Center provides supported transitional housing for six live-in families with at least one minor child. Each family has a private apartment with access to many common areas which include a common kitchen, a dining room, double parlors, laundry room, and an on-site child care area. Families will stay from 12 to 24 months, gaining practical life skills and furthering their education in order to increase their independence and earning capacity. A live-in staff person is available evenings and on weekends. FFCC is a chemical-free property and we encourage and support people in smoking cessation.

How We Serve Families:

An Individualized Life Plan is developed, with maximum input from each participant based on personal and family needs, with help from FFCC staff and other family supports. Each adult will be encouraged and supported to develop the skills necessary to fulfill their Life Plan. When residents leave the Center, the goal is that they will have reliable housing, parenting skills, a steady income and savings, and affordable transportation.

Education & Job Skills

  • Provide support and exposure to local employment 
  • Explore employment and education goals
  • Support residents in securing employment or opportunities for higher education
  • Provide exposure to local employment opportunities and education opportunities
  • Offer periodic programming to focus on employment skills and employment readiness or facilitate participation in local job fairs/opportunities
  • Support and encourage residents in obtaining HiSet or GED, or enrolling in college
  • Support residents in getting into trade programs or obtaining licences, while helping residents seek financial aid or opportunities for lower or no cost training 

Life Skills

  • Instructions on how to maintain housing by being a respectful tenant, neighbor & community member.
  • Job coaching – interviewing, resume writing, job search skills, professional presentation and attire, job responsibility education
  • Interpersonal skill building – communication, conflict resolution, healthy relationships, self-esteem and
    self-assertiveness training
  • Understanding personal responsibility to discourage at-risk behaviors
  • Housekeeping skills
  • Grocery shopping, nutrition (including gardening) and cooking
  • Personal finance/Budgeting
  • Parenting classes (including how to find and keep reliable child care)
  • Help obtaining a Maine Driver’s license

Safety & Stability

  • Assistance in formulating the family’s plan to ensure success
  • Smoking cessation
  • Assistance with procuring housing and transportation
  • FFCC collaborates with our onsite child care to offer FFCC residents safe and stable daycare.
  • Assistance with setting up summer camps, after school care, etc.

Medical & Therapeutic

FFCC will refer our residents as needed for the following services and provide support around navigating these resources. This includes referrals, transportation, paperwork, etc.

  • Regular wellness check ups
  • Optical and dental care
  • Physical, occupational, and/or speech therapy
  • Mental health treatment – diagnosis, therapy, and medication management
  • Drug and alcohol treatment per medical and therapeutic recommendation
  • Help obtaining healthcare coverage
  • Advocate for adults and children with disabilities
  • Creative therapies


Parenting classes are every 2nd Friday thereafter.

  • By All Connected with Kathy Dunn OTR/L Life Coach
  • 3rd Tuesday every month at FFCC
  • FREE CHILD CARE offered on premises!
  • 44 North Street, door #7
  • 6:15pm – 7:15pm
  • (207) 991-4484