How We Began

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How We Began…

In August of 2015, Founder Dawn Coffin and a few others began a long process of fundraising and sharing the vision and mission of FFCC. Many of our current supporters and board members were introduced to FFCC
during these early years. 

There were many community events over the next two years — craft sales, concerts, dances, holiday events, etc —increasing awareness of FFCC’s mission and raising funds for construction. All contributed to the efforts to make our vision a reality.  

The first annual dinner, in September 2017, publicly solidified our commitment to this project.  Shortly thereafter, with the sponsorship of Seaboard FCU and a large grant from the Federal Home Loan Bank of Boston, FFCC purchased the house on North Street that would become a home for homeless families in Hancock County. The original plan was to only renovate the existing structure, but HUD and fire safety standards led to the decision to replace the back end of the house and the barn (neither had a foundation) with new construction.

Professional engineer Jeffery Coffin designed the extension to the house, doubling the size of the project. Construction began in June of 2018, under Jeffery’s management ,and in August 2019 management was assumed by Dave Witham and Terri Ouellette. Many other volunteers have contributed to the entire project, saving FFCC tens of thousands of dollars.

Our second and third annual dinners, which included silent and live auctions, were held at Big Cats Catering. More community events, private and business donations, and many grants got us over the finish line.  Construction and renovations were completed by the end of 2020. Inspections were passed and we got our occupancy permit in January 2021. Our Housing and Program Director was hired in November 2020, and now our operational phase begins…our first family moved in in March 2021!

  • August 2015 – FFCC receives its official non-profit status.

  • September 2017 – First Annual FFCC Dinner at Chippers restaurant and many community fund-raising events.

  • December 2017 – FFCC purchases house on North Street, Ellsworth.

  • June 2018 – Addition designed and construction begins and more fund-raising events were held.

  • November 2020 – Housing and Program Director hired.

  • January 2021 – Occupancy permit granted.

  • March 2021 – First family moves into FFCC!

  • July 2022 – Hired our Executive Director. Implemented onsite programming.

  • October 2022 – Hired a Property and Office Manager. Opened onsite childcare.

  • April 2023 – Received our license to offer case management.

  • May 2023 – Apartments are all full occupancy while everyone works on their Life Plans and outreach services continue to be offered to the community.