Serving Homeless Families with Children in Hancock County

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If you are purchasing tickets for an event, please donate the ticket price and leave a memo stating your intentions. Thank you!
Our mission is to break the cycle of homelessness by equipping families with minor children with the skills they need to gain self-sufficiency.
Thank you so much for all of your donations!

Our eBay site is up and running!  Click here to view our profile.  We now have items for sale.  We have received many, many large items for our future Home from a couple wonderful Donors!!  If you have anything to donate to our Home, to our eBay site or for our FB Auctions, please contact us!! 
If you are interested in any of these items please contact us directly by calling FFCC at (207) 460-3711

  1. Jar Lanterns
    Jar Lanterns
    We are currently selling these lanterns. We have a ton of different designs and sizes. See our Facebook page or contact us to see what we have available!
  2. Teacup Bird Feeders
    Teacup Bird Feeders
    We are currently selling teacup bird feeders. We have a bunch of different patterns available. See our facebook page or contact us for details.
  3. Chalkboard Shutters
    Chalkboard Shutters
    Currently sold out but more on the way - see our facebook page for updates!
  4. Large Stoneware Cooking Pot
    Large Stoneware Cooking Pot
    This is a large stoneware cooking pot. It is in incredible condition with no defects at all! It is brown and black on the outside. The inside is tan with flecks. There are two handles on the sides and a handle on the cover. Please see the pictures! The diameter of the pot is 10 1/4" on the top and 7" on the bottom. $40
  5. R. Briggs & Co. Boston Made in England - Three Plates
    R. Briggs & Co. Boston Made in England - Three Plates
    They are three different sizes. Large: 10" diameter; Middle-sized: 8 3/4" diameter; Small: 7 3/4" The largest two have the distinctive blue outline on the design. The smallest has a grey outline instead. They all have the pink stamp on the bottom that says "R. Briggs & Co. Boston Made in England". $15
  6. Green/Brown Earthenware Sugar and Creamer Set
    Green/Brown Earthenware Sugar and Creamer Set
    This is a Green/Brown Earthenware Sugar and Creamer Set. They each have a handles and a small spout. The smaller of the two has a 2 3/4” diameter & 3 1/2” tall. The larger of the two has a 3 1/3” diameter & 3 3/4” tall. $20
  7. Doll Pillows or Drawer Fresheners
    Doll Pillows or Drawer Fresheners
    Approx 5x5 Handwoven by Celia Many different ones to choose from here $2 each
  8. Doll Pillows or Pine Fresheners
    Doll Pillows or Pine Fresheners
    Handwoven by Celia Approx 1.5"x2" 49 choices!!!! $1 each
  9. More Doll Pillows/Fresheners
    More Doll Pillows/Fresheners
    Or maybe even a cat/dog toy? The possibilities are endless! They smell like pine! Handwoven by Celia Small one is 4", the larger is 7" $5
  10. Ornaments
    Handwoven by Celia, smell like pine! larger is 6.5", smaller is 4" $3
  11. T- Pak Backpack
    T- Pak Backpack
    This is a T Pak Backpack with a Therm-a-Seat cushion inside. Brand New!! Heavy duty backpack straps, roomy compartments with large front pocket, quiet waterproof silent-touch (trademark) fabric, 2 handy mesh pockets and side gussets, heavy duty zippers, adjustable bungee cord. $70 OBO